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What To Do In An Accident

If you are involved in a vehicle collision you must:car crash adelaide


Stop at the scene of the collision.
Failing to stop at the scene is against the law.


Assist anyone who is injured. Call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency - where there is danger or serious injury.
Or telephone 131 444 if police assistance is required.

Exchange your information

Exchange your information with the other drivers or other persons involved in the collision, including the owner of any property damaged at the scene.

The information you provide should include:

  • The driver's name and address;
  • The name and address of the owner of the driver's vehicle;
  • The vehicle's registration number; and
  • Any other information necessary to identify the vehicle, and, any other information required by a police officer about the crash.

Report the collision to police

Reportable Collisions

If police did not attend at the scene of a reportable collision, you must report the crash to police by attending at a police station.

If someone was injured or killed in the collision, you must present to a police officer within 90 minutes of the collision.

For all other reportable collisions you must report to a police officer as soon as possible.

Be prepared to provide:

  • your personal details (remember to take your driver's licence with you);
  • your car registration;
  • the exact collision location;
  • date and time of collision;
  • the other parties personal details; and
  • the other parties car registration.

You will be given a Vehicle Collision Report (VCR) number for future reference.